Mastering AI: Learn How Humans Think for Better Results

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Real Estate Growth Hackers Show! In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its impact on the real estate industry. Join us as we explore how humans learn and understand working with AI, and discover the strategies to leverage this powerful technology for better results.

Whether you’re a real estate professional or simply curious about the future of AI, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to unlock the secrets of mastering AI and harnessing human learning techniques for real estate success.

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Creating Custom AI Assistants: Leveraging GPTs for Real Estate Success

In this episode of Real Estate Growth Hackers Show, we dive into the world of AI assistants and how they can supercharge your real estate team. We explore the power of GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) and how they can be leveraged to create custom AI assistants for real estate success.

Join us as we unlock the potential of ChatGPT and discuss the future of AI in the real estate industry. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode that will revolutionize the way you approach real estate growth. Tune in now!

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Bottleneck Breakthrough: The Simple System to Unleash Your Business Growth

In this episode of The Real Estate Growth Hackers show, we break down the key concepts from the book “Fix This Next” by Mike Michalowicz. We explain his “Business Priority Pyramid” model for diagnosing the most important bottleneck or issue to address in your real estate business right now to unlock growth.

We share actionable takeaways for getting clarity on your lifestyle and profit goals first before trying to fix other things. We also discuss the power of finding your highest-value “biggest check” clients and fixing the systems to better serve them.

If your business feels stuck or chaotic, this episode will give you a proven blueprint for continual improvement. Tune in to learn the simple trick for seeing your business clearly and catching up to your goals faster.

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Unlock Endless Content With A.I.: Ideate, Create, Distribute & Optimize

AI is revolutionizing content creation, but are you using it to its full potential? Tune into this week’s Real Estate Growth Hackers as Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison map out the complete AI Content Lifecycle.

They walk through how to leverage AI at every stage, from Ideation to Creation, Distribution, and Optimization (I.C.D.O.) to take your content further than ever before. Save yourself hundreds of hours through AI creativity apps, gain an edge with automated distribution, and learn AI optimization tactics to double down on what truly engages your audience.

Whether you’re just getting started with AI or looking to step up your game, don’t miss Zach and Charlie as they unpack all the tools, strategies, and secrets to dominate your market through next-level content. The future is here – listen now to deploy it!

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Unlocking Real Estate’s Potential: How AI is Rewriting the Rules

The rules of the real estate game are being rewritten before our eyes, thanks to AI and automation. Tune into this forward-thinking episode of the Real Estate Growth Hackers show as hosts Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison explore possible paradigm shifts for communication, personalization, analysis, and optimization.

Discover opportunities to completely reimagine your systems rather than just bolt on AI, and get inspired about measurable impact for your real estate business today. You’ll come away ready to run your experiments and construct a whole new real estate reality!

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Will A Bot Take My Job: Future of AI in Real Estate

The threat of AI taking over real estate professionals’ jobs is a hot topic. Join Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison on the Real Estate Growth Hackers podcast as they dive into the future of AI in the industry.

Discover which elements of the job are irreplaceable and where tech can actually help agents be more efficient. You’ll get an insightful analysis of what would need to happen for bots to truly replace Realtors. Don’t miss this thoughtful discussion – tune in to stay ahead of the AI curve!

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The Orphan Opportunity: Gain an Edge in the Market Shift

Join Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison in a compelling exploration of the untapped market potential on Real Estate Growth Hackers. In this episode, Zach and Charlie delve into how the changing dynamics are leaving behind ‘orphaned’ clients and what that means for forward-thinking agents. Discover transformative strategies and practical tips on how to identify these hidden gems and integrate them into your portfolio for maximum growth.

Don’t miss out on this chance to gain an edge—tap into the insights and elevate your real estate business. Tune in now to transform market shifts into your opportunity!

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Elevate Your AI Game: Few-Shot Prompting for Real Estate Success

Struggling to get the results you want from AI models like ChatGPT? Learn the key difference between zero-shot and few-shot prompting and how providing examples can help in this practical episode from Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison of The Real Estate Growth Hackers. 

Find out why few-shot prompting leads to more accurate, customized outputs. Discover actionable tactics you can implement to improve your AI prompting right away. Real estate team owners won’t want to miss this timely tip that can save hours of frustration. Tune in now to pick up this game-changing AI implementation insight!

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The Future of Real Estate: Randy Carroll on Driving Success with Cutting-Edge Apps

Dive into the future of real estate on our latest Real Estate Growth Hackers episode, featuring the tech-savvy mind of Randy Carroll. As a celebrated figure in real estate SaaS, known for skyrocketing the growth of industry heavyweights like Sync and Chime, Randy brings his A-game to discuss the transformative power of apps in real estate. 

In this episode, Zach Hammer and Randy explore how cutting-edge app technology reshapes consumer engagement and agent productivity. Discover tips for driving app adoption, insights on keeping pace with big industry players like Zillow, and the secrets to empowering agents with the tech they’ll use. 

Don’t miss Randy’s expert strategies for carving out your competitive edge in a tech-driven market—tune in now to elevate your real estate game!

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How to Maximize the Benefits of the AI Explosion in Your Real Estate Business

AI is reshaping possibilities at lightning speed, but sticking to outdated assumptions in real estate could mean missing out on explosive growth.

Join Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison on the Real Estate Growth Hackers podcast as they unveil AI’s unprecedented capabilities and insider strategies for staying ahead. Explore how Zach, with zero coding expertise, used AI to build web apps and discover new paradigms for efficiency, quality, and innovation.

Surround yourself with AI pioneers for an unbeatable edge, and tune in now to maximize the benefits for your real estate business in the booming AI era!

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