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Imagine going into your next quarter deciding what strategies you're going to use to increase lead flow, you open your laptop and start up the Real Estate Growth Hackers Community. You simply post a message in the #general channel asking what people are seeing the most success with (within your budget) and instantly you get 2-3 viable suggestions that are working today. That's just one of the daily use-cases for tons of people in the Real Estate Growth Hackers community. Let's hack real estate marketing together!

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Real Estate Marketing in today's world is more exciting than ever. But it's also a very fluid and changing space. We need people around us who are in the same waters and can help navigate the confusing landscape of tools, trainings, and strategies.

And if you've not yet dived into the world of Real Estate Marketing, it can be even more confusing! It can help to talk to people that are already in the trenches, making things happen today - to get a feel for what it takes to be successful at generating and converting leads to close.

Our Real Estate Growth Hackers Facebook community tries to help remove some of the stress, worry, and wasted time you'd normally experience on your own. It lets you connect with other people in the real estate industry who can help guide you through confusing options, such as how to market on a budget, what's working today with facebook ads, and whether or not to use direct mail. It's a real-time interactive source of information for real estate professionals.

"Coming from a B2B marketing background it was a bit more difficult transitioning to real estate marketing. This is a much more personal and life changing pursuit. The Real Estate Growth Hackers Facebook Group was a great help in getting me caught up and provided insights that have helped my real estate team."


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