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Real Estate reviews landing pages, reviews monitoring, automated follow-up, and negative review diversion software.

What You’re Getting Inside this Reviews Platform:

  • A simple, effective review landing page to make it easy for your clients to leave you a reivew.
  • Automatically updated instructions to save you time and make sure you’re clients know how to leave you a review.
  • Feature your most important sites so you can implement our divide and conquer strategies to get more leads from your real estate reviews.
  • Pre-written automated follow-up sequences so that our system chases down the review, not you.
  • Negative review diversion software to let you deal with problem scenarios so they don’t cost you business on review sites.
  • Review monitoring and tracking so you can keep aware of any problems and add know when you have new reviews to leverage.

1 review for Real Reviews

  1. Ehren Alessi

    When I first found we had already had a good deal of success generating reviews but our process was long and difficult. Now that we’re using the platform, we’ve been able to maintain our position as the top reviewed agent in Las Vegas on Zillow and have started gaining traction in other sites as well! I would definitely recommend getting on this system to save time and increase the amount of reviews you’re able to generate per transaction 10 fold!

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