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PrintGenie – Advanced Print Marketing & Automation for Real Estate

Harness the power of PrintGenie’s advanced campaign builder for print marketing. With low minimums, excellent print pricing, and automation, it’s a game-changer for real estate professionals.

Why We Recommend

Real estate professionals understand the value of time and efficiency, and that’s exactly where PrintGenie excels.

Firstly, PrintGenie simplifies multi-touch marketing campaigns. Easily craft campaigns with a drag-and-drop interface, combining direct mail, text, and email. This integrated approach enhances touchpoints with potential clients, boosting your chances of success.

The platform’s pre-loaded, real estate-centric templates save you the trouble of creating content from scratch. Smooth integration with existing CRMs ensures effortless contact addition or import for campaigns. Plus, the combination of low minimums and competitive print pricing means cost-effective marketing without compromising quality.

Feedback from real estate agents and investors underlines PrintGenie’s transformative impact on their marketing strategies, enhancing lead engagement while conserving resources.

Experience PrintGenie’s marketing prowess firsthand. Schedule a demo today and elevate your real estate promotional efforts.