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Beta Course: LinkedIn Referral Machine

Why We Recommend

For many agents, LinkedIn’s place in your marketing toolkit may be unclear. You may have heard that it’s an awesome platform for many people… but don’t completely understand how you can leverage this unique social network for your real estate business.

This course will walk through the strategies you need to leverage this under-appreciated social network to grow your business through referrals.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage LinkedIn to grow your Real Estate business.
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for Referral Generation
  • The best people to connect with on LinkedIn with the highest referral potential
  • What to say to get people to connect with you and how to continue that conversation to drive referrals.

This is a Beta Course.

This means that the topics in this course are not fully tested or validated to the level we like for our full courses. In the case of this specific course, some of these ideas are from my own experience using LinkedIn to connect with Real Estate professionals (not to grow a real estate business directly). Other ideas come from what I’ve learned from other people having success with LinkedIn. And finally some ideas come from my best judgement informed by years of studying marketing and sales.