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The "Ditch-the-Duds" VA Hiring Process

Discover the 5 Hard-Won Tactics Zach Hammer & Charlie Madison Used to Consistently Hire Top-Performing VAs On Demand (from Thousands of Applicants Processed)


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"Ditch the Duds is the same system we've used to hire dozens of rockstar VAs from thousands of applicants. Give it a try and we know it will work for you, too!"

— Zach Hammer

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What Is Ditch the Duds?

Are you sick and tired of wading through a sea of mediocre Virtual Assistant candidates, only to end up with a VA who barely meets your expectations? What if you could skip the frustration and consistently hire top-performing VAs, whenever you need them, without wasting your precious time and energy?

Meet Zach Hammer and Charlie Madison, two battle-hardened entrepreneurs who've been through the VA hiring gauntlet and lived to tell the tale. With over 20 years of combined experience, 20-30 VAs hired, and thousands of applicants processed, they've distilled their hard-fought insights into a no-nonsense system for finding and onboarding exceptional VA talent.

In this raw and unfiltered webinar, Zach and Charlie will unveil their 5 hard-won tactics for hiring rockstar VAs on demand, including:

  • The "One Thing" rule for laser-focusing your search on the single most critical skill for your business
  • The counterintuitive approach to defining success based on your unique needs and work style
  • The secret to crafting "meaningful obstacles" that quickly filter for the best-fit candidates
  • The game-changing power of building a repeatable hiring process you can rely on again and again
  • The surprising "Dueling VA's" strategy that ensure's you find the perfect match

No fluff, no theoretical nonsense – just raw, actionable tactics from the front lines of VA hiring.

Ready to ditch the duds and unlock the power of a truly exceptional VA team? Register now and discover how to hire your dream VAs on demand, whenever you need them. Your business growth (and your sanity) will thank you.