First-Time Homebuyer Lead Machine

How to Generate First-time Homebuyer Leads using Facebook Lead Ads

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Here’s what you’ll get when you hop inside:

  • An In-Depth Guide to the Facebook Lead Ads: This is good for you because you’ll learn how to easily build effective Facebook campaigns without needing to build complicated landing pages.
  • Over the shoulder training videos: This is important because you will see exactly how to run these campaigns so you can easily implement them in your business.
  • Templates and example campaigns: This is big because you will be able to steal what is already working and immediately get started on these campaigns.
  • The Automatic Facebook Lead Extractor: This a good thing because you’ll learn how to automatically and easily take leads out of Facebook and put them into a CRM or email service provider.
  • The Facebook Persona Page Setup Guide: This is great because you’ll be able to create Facebook ads that actually get seen rather can get ignored in the newsfeed.

Meet Your Instructor

Zach Hammer

Zach Hammer is the co-founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers. Over the last 36 months Zach and his team have managed ad budgets well over $100,000, generated over 25,000 real estate leads, and helped create over $50,000,0000 in business revenue for their clients. Zach is also a highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted some of the top Real Estate teams and brokerages across the country.