Top 7 Sites to Get Real Estate Reviews Online

In today's technology driven world, you need high quality reviews and a lot of them to stand out and win the business of your potential clients. Join our free live training about systematically getting real estate reviews and learn how you can immediately start using reviews to gain more business.

Real Estate Destination Sites

These sites provide consumers with a variety of real estate related services such as housing searches, community/neighborhood information, and data about market activity. In addition to these services, they all feature real estate agents searches that heavily make use of agent reviews.

All of these sites provide an excellent opportunity to generate leads by putting your name in front of them while they’re in a real estate mindset. Many of these sites give preference to agents with more reviews and better rankings, and regardless, agents with a strong amount of good reviews will attract more clients.

Zillow is the most trafficked real estate website on the internet today. Potential buyers and sellers from all over the world browse the site to find homes to buy, get an idea of what their home may be worth, and some directly start their search for an agent here.

Zillow features agent reviews very prominently and gives major weight toward agents with more reviews in specific areas that their visitors are searching. is the second most trafficked real estate website after Zillow. Not only this, but they were recently acquired by Zillow as well, so it’s effectively become Zillow’s twin sister site.

The services offered by Trulia very closely match those provided by Zillow, differing mostly in design choices rather than content.

With a good amount of real estate specific traffic on its own, Trulia is a great site to focus on generating real estate reviews for your business. is the third most frequented real estate website. Again, it features largely the same services like Zillow and Trulia.

The biggest benefit to is that it attracts a different audience from Zillow and Trulia, and still gets enough traffic to make it an important focus of your attention. has a few other sites that integrate with it as well making it an excellent leverage point for other review focused activity as well.

Local Business Directory Sites

These popular destination sites serve a broad audience, most prominently shops, restaurants, and other local businesses. There is a solid amount of real estate related traffic and reviews happening on these sites as well.

These directory sites also fit right smack dab at the beginning of your potential client’s discovery cycle as well. This makes them a necessary focus for real estate agents looking to get business from their real estate reviews.

Yelp is the most trafficked review focused website on the internet. When people visit Yelp, they are almost always looking for someone to do business with. As such, you want to put on your best face and make Yelp a part of your real estate review toolbox.

Another key thing to note about the importance of Yelp is that it is what powers the business search on all iOS based Siri searches. Meaning, when someone whips out their phone and says “Siri, tell me the best Real Estate agent in the area.” Yelp is where Siri gets that information from.

Yelp can be difficult to leverage effectively for reviews because of some of their policies, but the extent of the exposure offered on Yelp makes it an excellent choice to focus on for real estate reviews.

While Google has changed the exact nature of their local reviews about as often as one should change their underwear, you can bet that they’re in the game for the long haul. Local businesses are one of the most frequent searches we all do on a day by day basis, and since search is at the center of Google, businesses and reviews thereof take a high precedence for them as well.

Social Networks

Not only are social networks a great place to see: what everyone else is eating, those cute pictures of other people’s kids, and which horrible/fantastic political candidate everyone supports – but they are also becoming another destination to find reviews of businesses or professionals.

LinkedIn is the most important social network when it comes to real estate reviews. The site focuses entirely on professionals and primarily serves as everyone’s online resume.

LinkedIn profiles tend to rank incredibly well in the search engines for name searches, so you can bet your clients see this profile before they decide to work with you.

While Facebook is a great destination for a ton of real estate related marketing, reviews are not Facebook’s strongest use. I mention it in this list because it IS an incredibly popular site, so you should give at least a little bit of attention to it when you’re going about your review generation strategy.

Luckily, to get started, you don’t need many reviews, and most of those reviews will either come easily or naturally through the course of people doing business with you.

Bonus: Real Estate Review Tools

This site is not a review destination by itself, but rather a tool to either leverage reviews further or the better manage your review generation and monitoring process. is a site that offers the following key services:

  1. Make it easy for your clients to leave reviews on the sites that matter to you by giving them one simple link to a landing page that quickly explains the review process for any site they choose to review you on.
  2. Divert negative reviews and get the chance to deal with them before they become a problem for you on these public facing sites.
  3. Monitor reviews to catch any problems that arise from those who go around your review collection funnel and post reviews on their own.
  4. Automatically turn your reviews from any site into SEO optimized content that helps your business to rank higher for the major search terms in Google and other popular search engines.

With all the features they offer and the massive results they get their clients, it is one of my biggest recommendations for a site to check out to fully optimize your real estate review generation process.


Want to Grow Your Real Estate Business With Reviews?

Join us for a brand new, NO-COST, no obligation webinar about how to systematically get more real estate reviews and use them to grow your business.

Zach Hammer

Zach Hammer is the co-founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers. Over the last 36 months Zach and his team have managed ad budgets well over $100,000, generated over 25,000 real estate leads, and helped create over $50,000,0000 in business revenue for their clients. Zach is also a highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted some of the top Real Estate teams and brokerages across the country.

Want to Grow Your Real Estate Business With Reviews?

Join us for a brand new, NO-COST, no obligation webinar about how to systematically get more real estate reviews and use them to grow your business.

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